BFF President Kazi Salahuddin undergoes bypass surgery

President of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) and former footballer Kazi Mohamnad Salahuddin successfully underwent coronary artery bypass surgery at the Evercare Hospital in the capital on Thursday.

After a long seven-hour surgery, a 70-year-old Kazi Salahuddin has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for postoperative monitoring as a routine case.

The surgery procedure went smoothly without any complications, and the doctors are satisfied with the outcome of the surgery and are confident in a full recovery.

A medical team is now closely monitoring the BFF President’s vital signs and overall condition to ensure a smooth and uneventful recovery.

During this time, Kazi Salahuddin is in stable condition and is resting comfortably.

The medical team has advised that rest and minimal disruption are crucial for a speedy recovery and said that the privacy of the BFF President and their family is respected during this time.

The next update will be given as soon as there are significant developments regarding the BFF President’s health status.

Kazi Salahuddin, also the president of SAFF, was undergoing treatment at the Evercare Hospital in the capital from December 16, and his medical team finally recommended the approach to address his underlying cardiovascular concern.

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