PM approves primary outlook for Cox’s Bazar football stadium: Sports Minister

The Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russel said after a meeting with the newly elected body of BFF on Thursday that the Prime Minister had okayed a primary outlook for the Cox’s Bazar Stadium.

He said, “A football stadium will be built in Cox’s Bazar along with a practice ground. Honourable Prime Minister had okayed the primary design of the stadium. More stadiums like this will be built in future.”

In response to the demand of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) for two football stadiums, one around Dhaka and the other outside Dhaka, the Sports Minister said to media that the venue outside Dhaka would be built in the tourists’ city.

He said, “The Federation president wanted two football stadiums from us. Site for the other venue is yet to be decided. We are still looking for a suitable site.”

He added, “The Cox’s Bazar football stadium will be used by BFF while the venue will stay under the supervision of National Sports Council (NSC).

Salahuddin said, “We had some requirements and we informed the minister about those. The good news is that he (minister) approved most of our demands and assured us that he would take necessary steps to fulfill those. I am happy at the outcomes of this meeting.”

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