Jamal wants SAFF Championship

Bangladesh national football team’s skipper Jamal Bhuyan said their aim is to win the SAFF Championship which will be held from June 21 to July 4 in Bengaluru, India.

“We want the championship, but our first target is Lebanon. If we can take one or three points from this match, then it will be good for us. We have to go match by match, but it’s true that our main goal is the championship, Jamal said through a video message before leaving Cambodia for Bengaluru today (Friday).”

Before the SAFF Championship, the Cambodia mission of the Bangladesh football team was a success. Earlier, leaving Dhaka, coach Javier Cabrera and captain Jamal Bhuyan told that they want to boost their confidence by winning the matches in Cambodia and their expectation has been met.

Bangladesh beat local premier league club Tiffy Army FC by 1-0 goal in the practice match and defeated host Cambodia also by the same identical margin in the FIFA Tier-1 Int’l Friendly match as a part of preparation of the upcoming SAFF Championship. The booters confidence level definitely up than before after winning two matches.

Jamal said: “We have won the last two matches. So, the confidence has increased than before. It’s definitely good for the team. There were two test matches for us and we won both, but I want more before performance from my team. Playing better will increase confidence level.”

The midfielder said though they won the two matches by 1-0 margin but the captain upbeat to play better in the future as Bangladesh is going to face against Lebanon in their SAFF opening match.

He said they would work on the match against Lebanon in the next few days and also work of match planning, added the Bangladesh captain.

Bangladesh went there four days ago to play a match against the Bangladesh captain replying to a another quarry said it’ll be good for the team to reach Bengaluru four or five days before SAFF Championship because in this mean  time the team would able to adapt the local environment.

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