FIFA announces ‘Football Tribunal’ is up and running

FIFA said on Friday a new “Football Tribunal” to unite its various disciplinary and dispute-resolution processes under a “single umbrella body” had started operating.

The world governing body said the tribunal will, ultimately, be made up of three chambers.

The “Dispute Resolution Chamber” will decide “employment-related disputes between players and clubs” and financial issues over training.

The “Players’ Status Chamber” will resolve disputes between coaches and clubs or associations and transfer disputes between clubs as well as making “regulatory” decisions on international transfers and national-team eligibility.

The members of those panels have already been chosen.

The plan also calls for an “Agents Chamber”, to be created after FIFA has revised its rules on agents.

FIFA estimated that the first chamber will decide “approximately 3,500 disputes per year”, while the second would “rule on approximately 700 disputes and 6,000 regulatory applications” annually.

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