Main target is SAFF Championship: Rahmat Mia

The national booters continue to keep training hard in Kyrgyzstan ahead of the three-nation cup though experienced defender Rahmat Mia said their main target is SAFF Championship.

“After reaching Kyrgyzstan, we had a recovery session in the first and in the last two days we’ve been doing fitness work ….. the coach teaching us shot passes for the team’s combination … basically our target is SAFF Championship and we’re taking the three matches as a part of preparation for SAFF … the coach trying to increasing the passing ability among the players during the training session …. if it work out properly, it’ll be easier to apply in the SAFF … our main target is SAFF Championship and now we’re trying how to make good in the three upcoming matches.” said Rahmat Mia through a video message today.

Right Winger Saad Uddin said, the coach is working separately with each department of the team so that we can play good football in the three matches and prepare for the SAFF Championship.

Saad however said they would take to the field giving good focus in the three upcoming matches.

Meanwhile, the national football team completed their third day’s training session at Sports City Field ahead of the three-nation cup.

The players put maximum emphasis on fitness, ball positioning and quick passing football during the training session on the day under the supervision of head coach Jamie Day.

The booters will complete their tomorrow (Wednesday) practice session from 10 am to 12 pm at the same venue and have their gym session from 3 pm to 5 pm.

The national football team took part in a three-nation cup involving Palestine, Kyrgyzstan and the host U-23 team as a part of preparation ahead of the SAFF Championship.

Bangladesh will play their first match against Palestine on September 5, meet Kyrgyzstan on September 7 in the second match and will play the third and final match against the host U-23 team on September 9.

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