Women’s Elite Development a Key Figure at BFF

The Women’s Residency Programme has been in full throttle since August 2020. Whilst overcoming the Global Pandemic and carefully orchestrating the return to training initiative instigated by the BFF, the best female players in the country are quietly preparing for the up-and-coming competitions in 2021.

The Captain of Senior Women’s National Team Ms. Sabina Khutan commented:

‘The training is very varied and really hard work. We are all working away on a daily basis, with an eye on the Competitions this year’

Players at U-17, U-20 and Seniors are currently in BFF women’s residency Camp. New players are consistently being invited as there is the need to find the best players, which is always the target.

Federation’s General Secretary Mr. Abu Nayeem Shohag said:

“We are proud of our female players, and we have enjoyed some success, but there is much-continued work to do. We are looking forward to the future with optimism”

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